Community: Journal Frontiers in Sustainability – Call for Proposals

Call for proposals in the new Research Topic “Sustainable consumption and care” in the section “Sustainable consumption” of the journal “Frontiers in Sustainability” in order to share insights and to further expand this area of study.  

The goal of the Research Topic is to delineate and differentiate the interplay between sustainable consumption and care in relation to social, economic and ecological sustainability. We consider care as a useful concept to imagine and bring about societies oriented towards sustainable wellbeing and to define the pathways and practices necessary to achieve them. In this spirit, we want to identify and explore tensions, common ground, innovations and key issues in these areas.

You will find the full call for proposals here:  

Deadline for abstracts is 30 September 2021
Deadline for full papers is 31 May 2022

Best regards, from the topic editors Laurence Godin, Aurianne Stroude, Gabriella Spinelli, Barbara Smetschka and Stefan Wahlen