Who we are

The European Association for Home Economics (EAHE) is the legal body of the European region of the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE).
All IFHE members based in the IFHE region of Europe are EAHE members.

EAHE Executive Committee

The executive committee (EC) is formed of the president, the vice president and the treasurer.

The roles of president and vice-president are tightened to the IFHE executive committee roles:
      – EAHE president = IFHE vice-president Europe
      – EAHE vice-president = IFHE member Europe

Current Executive Committee Members are:
President: Jacob H. Christensen, Denmark
Vice-President: Amanda Mc Cloat, Ireland
Treasurer: Isa Hasselt, Germany

EAHE members can volunteer to assist the EC (no elected role)

Currently assisting are:
Elina Katariina Larsson, Sweden
Sylvia Lorek, Germany
Franziska Honegger, Switzerland