Request for additional assisting member of the EAHE Executive Committee

We look forward to welcoming you!

The European Association for Home Economics Executive Committee, as part of IFHE, is formed of the President (IFHE Region of Europe Vice President), the Vice President (IFHE Europe Representative) and the treasurer. These are elected by the members for a period of four years. Furthermore, the executive committee has a tradition of appointing assisting members to contribute the ongoing work. We are always looking for members who are interested in taking on tasks for EAHE such as (but not limited to):

  • Promoting research and education in the field of Home Economics
  • Developing the IFHE organization and attracting new members
  • Organising Home Economics conferences, seminars, workshops and webinars
  • Making IFHE Europe more visible 

The current committee is represented by members from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland and Sweden. We intend to keep the balance of countries across the region of Europe within the committee so that no more than one person from a country is represented. We are requesting 1 assisting committee member – preferably from another country  than the above stated countries – but we are welcoming any persons who wants to get involved with us.

If you are interested in the position as assisting committee member please write a short text stating your motivation for taking on the position, how you would like to contribute, and which country you are from. Send it by email to

Questions about the position can be directed to Jacob Højgaard Christensen at