Brown Bag Seminarium on the 9th of May 2023 at 12 CET

Presenting the results of the strategic collaboration project “Navigating Through Digital Challenges in Home Economics Education” (NAVI-HED)

Presenters: Jaana Taar and Kristi Koppel

Jaana Taar, PhD, is an associate professor of home economics at Tallinn University, Estonia. She is dedicated to developing home economics learning in higher education and compulsory school. Her special research interest is in students’ social learning and knowledge transformation from school to everyday life. Jaana is the leader of the NAVI-HED project.

Kristi Koppel, MA, is a lecturer of home economics and didactics at Tallinn University, Estonia.  Her research field is learning and teaching in home economics, in her doctoral thesis she focuses on home economics teacher education and teacher students’ professional development.
Kristi is also a member of the IHFE.

We meet digitally at 12 CET: